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CD of The Week

Week of 10/02/23

    Cherry Glazerr - I Don’t Want You Anymore (Secretly Canadian)

    Clementine Creevy has been making music under the Cherry Glazerr name for a decade at this point, recording and releasing fuzzed-out, raw, indie rock confessionals since she was a teenager. The last full Cherry Glazerr album, Stuffed and Ready, was in the pre-pandemic times and Creevy spent the past few years off the road and taking time to really stand still for the first time since high school, which inspired the introspection of the newest record, I Don’t Want You Anymore.

    Co-produced and co-written with Yves Rothman (Blondshell, Yves Tumor), I Don’t Want You Anymore kicks off with the slow-burner “Addicted To You Love,” giving off almost Elliott Smith vibes, before the funky, trippy “Bad Habit” gets into gear, with Creevy attempting to “kick her bad habit.” “Ready for You” is all crashing power chords and uncertainty as she sings, “Wish I could meet you with my eyes/I'm sick inside my twisted mind/Ah-ha, wish I was ready for you.”

    “Touched You With My Chaos” is an expansive, grungy rocker with more rollercoaster emotions and angst, with Creevy stating, “I said that I loved you/Never wanted love.” Lead single “Soft Like a Flower” is a dark, grunge-pop love song. Cherry Glazerr leans into the hazy, blurry production on “Sugar” and “Shattered,” while “Eat You Like a Pill” has a woozy, ‘80s movie score feel to it. I Don’t Want You Anymore wraps with a band and the bashing, gnarly title track.

    Creevy’s haunted, melodic vocals float alongside her guitars and the hazy production, adding up to an album that’s big on vibes more than hooks. But it’s a rewarding, emotional ride through her mindset, laying out what Creevy does and doesn’t want in a sea of noisy, blurry indie-pop.

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    Review by Joey O.

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