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Dan Baker

On Demand

Alex Lahey
Y-Not Session @ Cambridge Sound Studios
Click here for video of the session.
Songs Performed: Interior Demeanour / Don't Be So Hard On Yourself / Misery Guts
Date: 09/27/19
Y-Not Session @ PhilaMOCA
Songs Performed: Running / Conspiracy Theories / Pay Day
Date: 09/13/19
Songs Performed: n/a
Date: 09/06/19
Queen of Jeans
Y-Not Session @ Spice House Sound + Women CRUSH Wednesday
Songs Performed: Clever Hands / Get Lost / Bloomed
Date: 08/28/19
Summer Cannibals
Y-Not Session @ Big Mama's Recording
Songs Performed: One of Many / Hesitation / Spin
Date: 08/23/19

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